Here are some of the interviews with different speakers over past years

Alchemy Conference presents: Metamorphosis 11:11:11, 2012, COSMIC ALCHEMY CONFERENCE, Los Angeles Event,  Ascension, Meditation, Healing, MARS, SPACE, TIME TRAVEL, UFO, Consciousness event, ET Studies uniting all forces of Lightworkers, Star Seeds, Healers, Alchemists, Human Right Activists, Green Movements,Peace Movements, Teachers, Guides, Channelers, Meditators, Egyptologists, Atlantean researchers, Mayan researchers, Forbidden Archaeologists, Remote Viewers, Dervishes, SUFIS, Gurus, Green Activists, Creative Consciousness Spiritual groups, Portal to Ascension groups, 11-11-11 Groups, Scientists, Researchers in ET studies, Disclosure, ALIENTOLOGY, UFOLOGY, 2012 and Beyond, Pole Shift, MAYANS, Pleiadians, Arcturians, SIRIANS, Members of following groups: Exopolitics, ALIENSHIFT, Project Camelot, Zeitgeist, Amnesty International Members, Paranormal studies, Time Travel, Teleportation, Survival Groups & the new Humans of A new Earth destiny in order to be initiated to create the new earth and be in front of humanity to represent the new earth to Federation of planets.

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