MARCH 23, 24, 25, 2018, FROM 9:00 AM TO 9:00 PM DAILY

Dr. Nick Begich


Also at Exhibit hall  

Dr. Nick Begich is the eldest son of the late United States Congressman from Alaska, Nick Begich Sr., and political activist Pegge Begich. He is well known in Alaska for his own political activities. He was twice elected President of both the Alaska Federation of Teachers and the Anchorage Council of Education. He has been pursuing independent research in the sciences and politics for most of his adult life. Begich received Doctor of Medicine (Medicina Alternitiva), honoris causa, for independent work in health and political science, from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in November 1994. He co-authored with Jeane Manning the book Angels Don't Play This HAARP; Advances in Tesla Technology. Begich has also authored Earth Rising - The Revolution: Toward a Thousand Years of Peace and his latest book Earth Rising II- the Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul both with the late James Roderick. His latest work is controlling the Human Mind - The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance. Dr. Nick Begich is well known for his work and research on HAARP, "Mind Effects" and more. He has widely reported in these areas as an expert for many publications, government organizations and private companies. He has been an expert witness for the European Parliament on these subjects and provides significant research contributions in this area. Also, through the Lay Institute on Technologies he organized a private meeting of top scientists in the area of mind effects in 2007. Begich has authored five books in seven languages on technology and the impacts of change. Heard on thousands of radio and television talk shows and documentaries, he is a frequent commentator on new technologies, energy, politics, education and the environment.

Websites: earthpulse.com



Angels Don't Play This H.A.A.R.P.

Controlling the Human Mind

Earth Rising II: The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul

Earth Rising: The Revolution, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace

Towards a New Alchemy







Andrew D. Basiago is a leading figure in the Truth Movement whose work has revealed that the United States has secretly developed time travel and sent Americans to Mars.

A lawyer, writer, public speaker, media personality, former US chrononaut, whistle blower, and 21st century visionary, he made disclosure by the US government of its teleportation capability the centerpiece of his campaign for President in 2016.  

Andy holds six academic degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts in History from UCLA, a Master of Philosophy from Cambridge, and a Juris Doctor from Lewis and Clark Law School. He is admitted to the Washington State Bar Association and the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington and practices law throughout Washington State. 

Andy is a popular guest on talk radio's Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, where he has captivated listeners with the true story of his experiences as one of America's first time travelers in DARPA's Project Pegasus and one of its early Mars explorers in the CIA's Mars jump room program. He has appeared on Tru TV's Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, The History Channel's Weird or What? with William Shatner, and more than 100 other television and radio shows throughout the world. 

In his talks Andy will address how two major contemporary developments now only partly understood by the public will affect the shape of tings to come.

In Project Pegasus and the Advent of Time Travel, he will narrate the secret development of teleportation by the US defense-technical community in the 1970's and describe how by solving the distance problem teleportation will transform human society. 








Dr. Jere Rivera Dugenio
Also at Exhibit Hall  

Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D. is a quantum mechanics researcher with a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine from the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii. Jere specializes in advanced scalar and plasma energy technologies, dark matter morphogenetic field physics and the larger paradigm of science known as the 15-Dimensional Unified Field Physics. He has lectured and presented his research findings at The Conference on Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, The Best Answer for Cancer Conferences and Autism One. Jere is the founder and CEO of Quantum Spanner, LLC Jere specializes in Rivera-Dugenio is the founder and CEO of Quantum Spanner, LLC. He is also co-owner of Bridgeway Senior Care Center in Bridgewater, NJ.

In 2000, Jere underwent a powerful near-death experience (NDE) that shifted his consciousness from a 3-dimensional to a multidimensional perceptual understanding of First Creation Physics and the formation of morphogenetic scalar fields. Unlike modern day researchers who base their theories on 3-dimensional experiments, during his near-death experience (NDE) Jere experienced the true nature of dark matter, morphogenetic fields, which hold the blueprint upon which units of consciousness create our holographic reality.

Rivera-Dugenio is currently based in NV | USA.

Autism One Conference: https://youtu.be/QcIohPm_te4


Conference on the Physics Chemistry and Biology of Water- https://youtu.be/XIxEQ48t_Ng
My presentation begins at 8:34:05

CEO | Quantum Spanner, LLC







Dr. Jimenez

Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D., N.D., C.N.C.

Also at Exhibit Hall   
Founder, Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Antonio Jimenez, or as patients affectionately call him, Dr. Tony, founded Hope4Cancer in 2000 and has dedicated his life to researching alternative strategies to treat cancer, chronic infections, and immune disorders, after he saw firsthand the negative side effects that accompanied the conventional treatments his father underwent being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

After completing his traditional undergraduate education in the United States, Dr. Jimenez received his M.D. degree from the Autonomous University of Guadalajara Faculty of Medicine in Mexico, and went on to pursue his N.D. degree at the Trinity School of Natural Health. For over 30 years, he has traveled the world learning and researching new approaches to cancer treatment, with the dream in mind of opening an alternative clinic capable of providing any method to give patients their best chance of recovery.

Today, that dream is alive and well in Dr. Jimenez’s two international Hope4Cancer Institutes. As the founder of Hope4Cancer and a pioneer of holistic protocol approach The Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy, Dr. Jimenez has been recognized by various forums worldwide. Most notably, he was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by The Truth About Cancer organization in 2016 for his dedicated study, research, and implementation of effective non-toxic medical treatments.

Notable Designations:

Virotherapy Certified Physician, International Virotherapy Center (Riga, Latvia)
Diplomat, Canadian Society of Bioregulatory Medicine
Member, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
Member, International Iridology Practitioners Association (IIPA)
Member, American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM)
Member, International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians (IOICP)
Member, International Society of Medical Laser Applications






Dr. Zack Bush

Dr. Zach Bush MD

Also at Exhibit Hall   

Dr. Zack Bush is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country, with expertise in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care. The breakthrough science that Dr Zach and his colleagues have delivered offers profound new insights into human health and longevity.

In 2012, he discovered a family of carbon-based redox molecules made by bacteria, and his team has subsequently demonstrated that this cellular communication network functions as an antidote to glyphosate, and many other dietary, chemical, and pharmaceutical toxins that disrupt our body’s natural defense systems. This science has resulted in a revolutionary class of dietary supplements, including the product RESTORE.

Dr Zach points to his kids as the driving force behind his passion for change. He is fiercely motivated by a desire to have them experience a much brighter and healthier future. His educational efforts provide a grassroots foundation from which we can launch change in our legislative decisions, ultimately up-shifting consumer behavior to bring about radical change in the mega industries of big farming, big pharma, and western medicine at large.








Prof. Dato Sri Dr. Mike Chan

Prof. Dato' Sri Dr. Mike Chan

Also at Exhibit Hall   
One of the pioneers in the research & development of European cellular therapy and stem cell research in the late 80's for more than 30 years. Professor Mike is currently the Director and Senior Technical Consultant for 2M International Consultancy Inc. His clients include renowned global anti-ageing brands such as MF3, MF Plus, LAB RMS (Peptides), FCTI (Autologous & Xeno Precursor Stem Cells) and EW (European Wellness) International Group of biological and wellness clinics worldwide. He was the co-founder and chairman of Lab Dom Suisse and owner of a number of Swiss, German and Asian clinics for biological medicine & wellness. Professor Mike has substantively brought cell therapy and biological medicine into Asian Pacific regions with educational programs for physicians & healthcare practitioners respected across Europe, North and South America, Asia Pacific and Africa.










Dr. Steenblock

Dr. David Alan Steenblock

Also at Exhibit Hall   
Dr. Steenblock is the founder and medical director of Personalized Regenerative Medicine clinic, located in San Clemente, CA. Dr. Steenblock was trained as a biochemist, pathologist, a surgeon , a physician and research scientist and has taken care of over 50, 000 patients over last 47 years.

He developed a wide range of safe, innovative, techniques and therapies for treating people with difficult-to-treat problems and his advanced signature program Youngering is a result-oriented regenerative and reverse aging on cellular level programs for men and women. Dr. Steenblock is also the author of the first book for the public on the clinical use of umbilical cord-derived stem cell therapies "Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy " and a creator of a stem cell enhancing product called Stemgevity, which increases the number of stem cells in your blood stream while also increasing the stem cells strength.









Dr. Ed Park

Dr. Ed Park, M.D., M.P.H.

Also at Exhibit Hall   
Dr. Park is the author of The Telomere Miracle: Scientific Secrets to Fight Aging, Feel Great, and Turn Back the Clock on Aging. His talk will explain how aging and disease are caused by telomere erosion and then provide the audience with techniques to enhance natural healing.

Dr. Park is telomere and telomerase expert and the founder of Recharge Biomedical. He received his undergraduate degree with honors from Harvard University in Anthropology; his M.D. is from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons; and he earned a Masters of Public Health from Columbia University. In 2007 he became one of the first 20 people in the world to regularly ingest a nutraceutical telomerase activator and has taken no other supplements or medicines for over 10 years. In 2008 he became one of the first M.D.s to prescribe it, and began to report on his patients' amazing results via blogs and videos (YouTube channel "drpark65"). Through this journey, Dr. Park has become a popular speaker, guest, and expert on aging and the sole evangelist in what he calls "Telomerase Activation Medicine."


Website: www.rechargebiomedical.com









Dr. Dmitry Klokol

Head of Medical Advisory and Medical Director European Wellness Group. Dr. Dmitry completed Medical Degree and post-graduate specialization in General Surgery and was also trained in minimally-invasive Surgery and Surgical Endoscopy. Parallel to the hospital practice Dr. Dmitry was engaged in a medical clinical research that resulted in a PhD degree in Surgery, completed in the Institute of Emergency and Reconstructive Surgery (Academy of Medical Sciences, UA). Upon completion of PhD Degree he became an Associate Professor at the Department of Surgery. However Dr. Dmitry' always had a special interest in Aesthetic, Anti-aging Medicine, Stem cell research and Cell Therapy.










Brandy Gillmore PH.D.


 Also at Exhibit Hall   

Brandy Gillmore, Ph.D. is a motivational speaker featured at TEDx Santa Barbara , author, and Mind/Body & Energy Expert. Brandy’s expertise in self-healing originated from a devastating injury, where she found herself somewhere she never thought she’d be — spending most of her days in bed. She used a wheelchair, cane, or walker to get around and was on various forms of medications and morphine and yet still in extreme pain. Her studies include everything from Quantum Medicine, Morphology, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), to Personal Training, Life Coaching, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Holistic Nutrition and more.  Brandy has developed quick and effective ways for changes to occur, including “G.E.T. Health” the “Gillmore Empowerment Technique” and “The 4 Mind-Body- Soul Keys For Transformation.”














Toni Toney has been an environmental activist, nutritional researcher, and organic food activist for over 30 years, teaching and speaking to large audiences around the world. Her passion for "clean eating" and "green living" led her to start a non-profit foundation in 1988 called Organic Food For Life with the goal of educating farmers as to the importance of organic growing versus commercial growing; not only for us, but for the planet at large. Toni is a newly published author of The Ecotarian Diet with several other books soon to be published (1) The Ecotarian Cookbook, (2) The Ecotarian Detox, and (3) Tales of an Ecotarian Kid. She is also the founder of Ecotarian University where she teaches a 7-day certification course for people who are interested in delving into the depths of their internal environment and coaching others to do the same. After the Ecotarian Movement has been set in motion, she will be launching a very innovative magazine called Ecotarian Times.









Robert Slovak

 Also at Exhibit Hall   

Robert is a degreed Mechanical and Astronautical Engineer, has over 30 years of experience in the water treatment industry, specializing in membrane separation technology and products.  His career included a “significant contribution” to the POU (Point-of-Use) and commercial/institutional RO (Reverse Osmosis) industry, especially in the area of system design, application knowledge, and technical training.











Dr Debrah Zep

Dr. Debrah Zepf

Dr. Zepf  encourages and empowers men, women, and children to live their healthiest and best life naturally. Using holistic, herbal, and Quantum Energetic Medicine, she guides her clients through their healing voyage so they can vibrate at a higher frequency, feel better and achieve ultimate wellness.
Dr. Zepf pursued a career in alternative, integrative and complementary medicine because of her belief that the human body can heal itself when the proper environment is created and supported. 

Using herbs, homeopathic remedies, energetic medicine, aromatic medicine therapy, and other types of therapies, Dr. Zepf's clients leave her clinic feeling healthier, more energetic, and on the path to restoring the body back to its right and natural balance. They feel enlightened, grounded and have a sense of wellbeing.
Dr. Zepf holds 4 Doctorates and a PhD in Natural Medicine. Her dissertation research proved that Energetic medicine lowers cholesterol. She is double Board Certified and in 2014 received the American Naturopathic Medical Association ‘HIGHER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD" for her work in Integrative medicine. Her private practice, Holistic Herbal Health, located in Centennial, Colorado, assists with a wide variety of conditions including pain, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, digestive problems, environmental sensitivities, detoxification, high cholesterol and more. In July 2015, she also won the "Best of The Best" Alternative/Integrative Health Clinic in Centennial Colorado.
An informative and sought after speaker and educator, Dr. Zepf delights and educates her audiences with vital, alternative, and integrative medicine therapies and information. She is also a Professor at IQUIM-International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine.
Born and raised in Northern Ontario, Canada, Dr. Zepf is bi-lingual in French and English. She and her husband Larry have traveled to over 15 different countries. Her experiences living in and traveling to different places have given her the opportunity to learn different cultures, adapt to very difficult situations, meet wonderful people and enjoy the basic three L's in Life: Live, Love, and Laugh!






Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch Organization, Best-Selling Author

Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch Organization, is a visionary and a pioneer. With 37 years of experience in the field of energy medicine, Richard is the best-selling author of ‘Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal', now published in 17 languages, and ‘Your Healing Hands - The Polarity Experience', available in 10 languages.
While attending Christos School of Natural Healing in Taos, New Mexico in the 70's, Richard discovered the power of working with energies and hands-on healing. This work led to a wide range of further discoveries as Richard began to explore all the energies around his hands. He eventually met an awe-inspiring healer named Bob Rasmussen, who had an extraordinary ability to heal people's bodies with his hands. Richard began apprenticing with him and this is how his work was born. Richard founded Quantum-Touch organization more than 16 years ago. The organization currently has more than 1,400 Certified practitioners in 50+ countries around the globe. Their vision and mission is to help improve the health and quality of life for many people using simple, easy to learn energy healing techniques.
"Quantum Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the life force energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Quantum Touch teaches us how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy for a wide range of benefits with surprising and often extraordinary results."
- Richard Gordon, Quantum-Touch Organization Founder
www.quantumtouch.com blog.quantumtouch.com facebook.com/groups/64504753104
twitter.com/quantumtouch youtube.com/QuantumTouch

"Quantum-Touch has become integrated into my practice of surgery for breast cancer patients. Pain is reduced, scars heal faster, spasms relax, depression and fear turn to hope and healing, and patients are aware that they are loved as well as receiving quality surgical care."

- George R Webber, MD, FACS
Breast surgeon Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center, Knoxville, TN









Dr. Andrea Mills, Ph.D., DNM

 Also at Exhibit Hall   

Dr. Andrea Mills firmly believes in the original definition of a doctor – Being one, who teaches, not one who prescribes. Using the holistic body, mind, and spirit approach, Dr. Mills prescribes a potent mix of practical experience based on her education in Quantum Physics and neuroscience to help patients detox their thoughts, actions, and behaviors. As The Detox Doctor, she facilitates the systematic re-programming of toxic belief systems through proven scientific neuro-physiological principles.












Saeed David Farman


Saeed David Farman is an international Icon a Futurist, New Humanity Movement Founder a global consciousness movement, CEO of 5D events & Director of BioRegenesis Conference.

Saeed is Pioneer of Quantum Transcendental Transformation Shift in ASCENSION. Since 1985 he has been in consciousness research.

Saeed has traveled to Energy sites in Cusco, Machu Picchu in Peru, Brazil, Iran, Thailand, Mexico, France, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria and Glastonbury, UK.

Saeed is the CEO/ Director of 5D Events a Science & Consciousness event business in Los Angeles, Berkley, Las Vegas and London for past 8 years which it has changed many lives in each event for many people.

Saeed also is the Director of BioRegenesis Conference a Health & Wellness events. For past 25 years Saeed has been be researching different fields and sciences such as UFOLOGY, ET contact/ Exopolitics, MARS, Terra Forming, Teleportation, Time travel, Spiritual UFOLOGY in ET Contact, Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Mysticism, Sufism, Bible Code, Pyramidology, Meditation, Prophecy, Energy Healing, Remote Viewing, Telepathy, Future Life Regression 30,000 years forward, had few Near Death experiences, Flotation Tank out of body research that has changed his views in life.

Saeed Studied Advanced Pure Mathematics in UK passed the university of London test plus Computer Science extension courses in UCLA, California.

Saeed has 27 years of Management experience in computer industry been CEO, President and Vice President of different companies in Distribution and manufacturing with managing over 30 employees he has achieved over $20 million in annual sales record in D& B record in 1994. Saeed has also studied Sufism of Grand Saint of all saints Ibn Arabi of Andalusia, Spain & Moulana Jalaaudin Rumi's Philosophy under Sufi Master PIR Vilayat Inayat Khan former head of Sufi order of America the Chishti Sufi order for many years.

Saeed is IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Advanced Energy Healer.

Saeed has New Visions for New Humanity that will change the future like nothing before!

New Humanity Movement consists of a global group of Awakened, Humanitarian, Peace loving humans who believe in a new Earth with common goals for a totally different future outcome, our Movement is currently rewriting a new Future in a positive direction for mankind by bringing forward new ideas and ways for living in harmony and peace with a universal code of ethics and standards, New Humanity Movement is a Global one has no borders & looks at humanity as one entity, members discuss, share, research and implement new possibilities in Science, Technology, Health, Healing, ET contact, Space exploration, Spiritual expansion & Transformation of Consciousness, Permaculture and how to create a new path for Humanity with Global Peace, Freedom, Free energy, Free Speech, moving away from current banking system, Geo Engineering, GMO food industrialization, Mind control spying systems, Militarization, Secret societies, Nuclearization of the planet, Warmongering strategies & Enslavement of masses, purpose of the New Humanity Movement is to help assist our whole planet to shift into a higher state of consciousness & awareness.

His event website: http://5devents.com









 Edwin Harkness Spina is an award-winning author, speaker and mystic. He is the author of Mystic Warrior and Mystic Secrets Revealed, and the developer of Energy Center Clearing, a methodology created to align, balance and center individuals moving through these tumultuous times. He specializes in connecting people to their highest SELF, leading to greater intuition, clarity and joy.
Before becoming a master healer, Ed went through an extreme metamorphosis. After graduating with a BSE degree in math and computer science from Tufts University, Ed began writing systems software for a computer manufacturer. He went on to receive an MBA from the University of Chicago with concentrations in finance and marketing. After graduating, he worked with various venture capital firms, and started several technology-based companies in the sports and music industries.
Stressed out from his entrepreneurial ventures, Ed rented a video from Blockbuster that promised to help him relax and, curiously, help him recall his past lives.
To Ed's surprise, the video changed his life, as he was able to recall a past life in substantial detail. Thus began his 20+ year study of mysticism, metaphysics, energy healing and all things spiritual. The earnestness with which he desired to understand how the universe truly worked drew the attention of his first mentor. Through this relationship, Ed uncovered gifts his scientific mind would not have thought possible. After a few months, his primary means of communication with his mentor was telepathic.
Ed continued his studies with long term mystics and cutting-edge energy healers, when he met his second mentor, a Near Death Experiencer who worked with Ed to raise his energy to new levels.
After years of study and preparation, Ed combined his love of mysticism with his love of entrepreneurship and wrote his first book, Mystic Warrior, which won the Independent Publisher Book Award for Visionary Fiction and a Nautilus Silver Book Award for Fiction.
He has since written Mystic Secrets Revealed, contributed to the bestseller 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life and created CDs and audiobooks entitled: Total Love Immersion, Escaping the Matrix, Enlightened Relationships and Travel to Enlightenment.

Ed continued his studies with long term mystics and cutting-edge energy healers, when he met his second mentor, a Near Death Experiencer who worked with Ed to raise his energy to new levels. After years of study and preparation, Ed combined his love of mysticism with his love of entrepreneurship and wrote his first book, Mystic Warrior, which won the Independent Publisher Book Award for Visionary Fiction and a Nautilus Silver Book Award for Fiction. He has since written Mystic Secrets Revealed, contributed to the bestseller 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life and created CDs and audiobooks entitled: Total Love Immersion, Escaping the Matrix, Enlightened Relationships and Travel to Enlightenment. Ed lives in Santa Monica, CA. He lectures around the world and offers Energy Clearings in person and remotely. His company, Higher Dimension Publishing, publishes books, CDs and videos that entertain, enlighten and educate readers in both the fiction and nonfiction areas.

Integrating Your Higher Self - The Key to Blissful 5D Living
Edwin Harkness Spina will lay out specific steps to eliminating the programmed control of your physical, emotional and mental bodies and taking back your power by connecting and fully integrating your Higher Self. In this experiential event, we will release emotional and mental debris, so you can feel light, free and energized and better connect with the source of all love and wisdom.